Five steps an unknown music artist can use to make it in Music Licensing today

In today’s music industry, music licensing has become an increasingly important avenue for artists to gain exposure and earn income from their music. However, with so many artists vying for licensing opportunities, it can be difficult for an unknown artist to break through and achieve success. In this article, we will discuss some strategies that an unknown music artist can use to increase their chances of success in music licensing.

  1. Focus on creating high-quality music

First and foremost, an artist must have high-quality music that is suitable for licensing. This means that the music must be well-produced, professionally recorded, and of a high standard. The artist should also ensure that their music is original and unique, with a sound that stands out from the crowd. One way to achieve this is to collaborate with other musicians or producers who can bring a fresh perspective to the music. Another factor to consider is how “licensable” is your music? Are the lyrics too specific or do they focus more on emotions and feelings. Would the song work well against a scene in a TV show or movie?

  1. Build a strong online presence

An artist’s online presence is crucial in today’s music industry, particularly when it comes to music licensing. The artist should have a website that showcases their music, along with social media profiles that are regularly updated with new content. The artist should also have an email list that they can use to promote their music and keep fans informed about new licensing opportunities. Make it as easy as possible for people to find you and your music

  1. Network with music supervisors and licensing companies

Networking is key in the music licensing industry, and an artist should make an effort to connect with music supervisors and licensing companies. This can be done by attending industry events, such as conferences and festivals, or by reaching out to industry professionals directly. The artist should also research licensing companies and identify those that are a good fit for their music. Find TV shows or other projects that you think your music would fit well in and contact the Music Supervisor or Production company involved with that show.

  1. Submit music to music libraries

Music libraries are a great way for unknown artists to get their music heard by music supervisors and licensing companies. These libraries are essentially databases of music that are available for licensing, and they are used by music supervisors to find music for TV shows, films, and other projects. The artist should research music libraries and submit their music to those that are a good fit for their genre and style.

  1. Be persistent and patient

Success in music licensing does not happen overnight, and it can take time for an artist to achieve success. It is important for the artist to be persistent and patient, and to keep working on their music and promoting themselves. The artist should also be open to feedback and willing to make changes to their music if necessary. Often times a Music Supervisor will want a certain mix of your song that will accommodate the scene better. Be ready to accommodate the Supervisor or Production company and give them exactly what they want.

Music licensing can be a great way for unknown artists to gain exposure and earn income from their music. By focusing on creating high-quality music, building a strong online presence, networking with music supervisors and licensing companies, submitting music to music libraries, and being persistent and patient, an artist can increase their chances of success in this competitive industry. With hard work and dedication, an unknown artist can achieve great success in music licensing and beyond.

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