About Music Licensing Profits

Music Licensing Profits is an online training program that takes the mystery out of the music licensing business. We show musicians & composers how to get your music licensed and placed in television, movies, video games, commercials, trailers and loads of other streaming services… using your existing music & compositional skills.

This is straight forward, behind the scenes information, delivered to you in plan and simple
English. In a nutshell, you’ll discover…

• How to make your first music licensing placement…
• And how to keep making placements so you can work in the music licensing business, full or part-time

Background: Let’s face it – earning a living as a musician is a dream job. The problem is, today’s music business is more challenging, more unpredictable, and less financially stable than ever before.

Streaming music just doesn’t pay enough to support the average musician… solid (and lasting) touring gigs are getting more difficult to come by… and studio work seems to have vanished except for a small handful of session players that appear to do most of the session work.

And one thing the pandemic has taught us, is that relying solely on touring and merch sales is at best scary!

Which means at some point in time, most musicians are typically faced with having to make
one of three uncomfortable choices:

  1. Get a “real job” to supplement your income…
  2. Continue playing music and accept that in this new musical economy, you’re just going to have to make due with a lot less… and pick up one or more part or full-time side-hustles.
  3. Quit the business altogether and do something else that’s never going to scratch your creative itch, but at least you’ll have a steady income…

And by the way, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of these choices.

But there’s one other choice you can make – and that’s to get involved in music licensing. Music Licensing is one of the few remaining ways you can still earn a good living, plus make long-term royalties, while still being creative in the music business. If you’re a musician or a composer, it’s pretty much the only source of “mailbox money” still available to you.

In fact, the truth is… music licensing is the little-known, “underground” business everyone would LOVE to get into. The only reason more musicians and composers aren’t involved in licensing is because they simply don’t know how to get into the business.

Which is why we put this course together. We want to be your advocates in learning how to get your music placed in film, television, video games, streaming services and more. And in helping you understand and feel comfortable with navigating through the business side of licensing as well.

In this program, we reveal how you can become successful in music licensing, using your existing musical and songwriting strengths. Whether you’re a singer-songwriter, a blues guitarist, a classical violinist, or a hip-hop producer making beats on Ableton Live… right now, there are LOADS of opportunities for you to get into music licensing.

And with the prolific explosion of content on television and digital media, there are more
opportunities now than ever before.

You’ll also learn the most effective shortcuts to music licensing success. You’ll learn what to do, and… maybe even more important – what not to do. This way you get to avoid making all the rookie mistakes most people wind up making. Trying to get into music licensing without learning the ropes and being mentored by someone who’s actually experienced this business and succeeded at a high level… is like trying to solve crimes by watching a few episodes of CSI.

Remember – there’s a big difference between knowledge and wisdom. Inside this program, you’re getting the best of both.

And the good news is, you can do this part time, full-time, or as an existing side hustle to whatever your current career is – whether it’s in, or out of music.

The training material in Music Licensing Profits is thorough, easy to understand, engaging and fun. Each module consists of an introduction, along with a combination of instruction… discussion… follow-up question & answer sessions… mistakes to avoid making, specific to each module… action steps… and a wrap up sharing where the industry is going on each topic.

There are also loads of industry resources, networking outlets, audio and video samples, interviews with industry experts you’re not likely to be able to access otherwise… and a optional ongoing Community you can participate in, collaborate with, and learn from.

Look, you got into this business because you love music and because music is fun, right? Of course you did – that’s why everyone gets into music!

But should you have to suffer financially to do something creative, something you enjoy?

No, not unless you choose to. Which is why learning how to get your first track placed, how to make your music more licensable, and how to work in music licensing… is one of the best choices you can make.

Putting this program together was a labor of love for John and Craig. You’ll find them to be genuine and enthusiastic about making sure you understand the material, supportive, and encouraging your success.

So if you’d like to retain your passion for music by continuing to do what you love… and if you’re curious about sync licensing, then Music Licensing Profits may be the best choice you ever made, for your creative self and for your career.