Music Licensing Profits FAQ’s

We’ve received a number of emails with questions pertaining to John’s training interviews, the Music Licensing Profits course and the Music Licensing business in general. A lot of these questions are important, so we want to respond to them. The video response is below, and underneath that are the written responses:


Q: I’m a part-time musician. Can I succeed at this while still working my other jobs and my current music gigs?

A: Yes, absolutely. In fact, that’s probably the smartest way to approach this – no different to any other new side hustle or gig you might take on. There are no time restrictions or time limits here. Go along at your own pace. What’s important is that you pay attention, ask questions to myself & Craig and the other members of the private facebook group, and commit to taking action! Remember, showing up is ALWAYS more important towards you moving forward than anything else. Slow and steady always wins the race. Success is generally a gradual, organic process.

Q: Do I need to live in LA or New York or near any other music business hub?

A: No, not at all. In today’s work from home world, you can seize opportunity from anywhere on the globe with a good internet connection. Where you live, how long you’ve been playing, or any other aspect of your career or your life isn’t relevant. All music insiders care about, is the music you’re creating, and if if fits the particular visuals they need you to score to. You can do this anywhere in the states or even if you live outside the country.

Q: I’ve never submitted music to a music library or anywhere else, and I’ve never had any of my tracks licensed. Does this mean I’ll have a harder time getting things up and running than someone who’s already made one or two placements?

A: Let’s face it, you have to start somewhere! Sure, there is some knowledge to having gotten a placement or two but what we teach is how you can get consistent placements. You need to know the formula for what works, and believe me there is a formula… and we show it to you in this program! Also, when I submit a track, no one has ever asked me how many tracks I’ve placed, because it’s just not relevant. If your track works, it works. In the end, it’s all about the music.

Q: What additional costs are involved, beyond the cost of the Music Licensing Profits online program?

A: None, other than the cost of your home studio and/or getting your music recorded – which in all likelihood, you may already have set up at this point

Q: What do I need to have in my home studio?

A: Well.. If you’re interested in our program you’re probably already creating and recording music in a dedicated studio space of your own, or maybe you’re working with a partner in a studio. Obviously, it’s amazing what you can do on a laptop these days! There are a variety of DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) we recommend and techniques we cover on the actual recording process. You’ll be able to access that information and other tips within our program

Q: What additional skills do I need to succeed, beyond what’s taught in the Music Licensing Profits online educational workshop?

A: None other than the skills you’re already likely to have: The ability to compose, create, play and record your music on your own, or with a collaborator. As a side note, your skill set in each of these areas is likely to improve dramatically over time, as you learn how to create useful and licensable music with a purpose… from the information you pick up in our program

Q: Can I really succeed at this without knowing how to read and write music, and without knowing music theory?

A: Absolutely! In the program, we discuss this and point out Hollywood A-list composers and songwriters who have been hugely successful in music licensing, who never learned how to read or write music. If you can create licensable tracks, no one cares how much music theory you know or don’t know… or whether you know how to read and write music, or not. That’s simply not a requirement of the business, no more than knowing the mechanics of how a car engine works is a requirement to drive a car

Q: Can I really make a living at music licensing working only from my home studio?

A: Yes, you can, just like I have been doing since 1996. The act of recording your music has never been more accessible and affordable. As long as you know how to record music on a digital audio workstation (DAW) through your computer, you can do all of your work in a home studio or with a partner / collaborator who has access and knowledge of recording gear.

Q: I’m uncomfortable and if I’m honest, even a little nervous about the business aspect of this. Does the program assume you already know quite a bit about the music business, or business in general?

A: Actually, you are not alone here. After interviewing close to 1,000 musicians, artists and music insiders, one thing Craig realized is that most of these folks feel insecure or unsure of themselves when it comes to the “business” aspect of music. So when we put this program together, we made the assumption that most musicians will feel the same way you do. With that in mind, we break down music business concepts into small easily digestible bites, and we explain each one of them to you in plain and simple English.

We took this concept one step further, explaining how marketing, selling, and communication all work seamlessly in business, and specifically in music licensing. We also discuss you might want to consider using these concepts in various settings, to advance your career in music licensing.

We have modules on business and mindset training… on what it takes to start, run and grow a business… what to do, and what not to do. We also discuss communication and “networking” – two things that often make musicians uncomfortable.

We also have several more related topics “on deck” for future modules we’ll be creating, to offer even more information, insight and knowledge into these areas. After you go through the program if there is another topic you would like to see us ad, please let us know!

Q: I’m just a _ (fill in the blank): rapper, metal guitar player, ragtime piano player, singer/songwriter, trumpet player… etc. Is it realistic that I can succeed in music licensing with these skills?

A: First, remember that I’m a guitar player myself, first and foremost. And as I mention in the course, the variety of musical styles in the last ten years has only increased in Television, Film, Gaming and online media. Sure you have to tweak your musical strengths to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities out there but that’s where we come in. We’ll help you identify your own unique voice in the Music Licensing Business, through the information in the program.

Q: I’m not very good on computers – will this hold me back from being able to succeed?

A2: Let’s face it, nowadays computers are as important to your musical career as the instruments you play. If you are challenged by them and/or the recording process we suggest you partner up with someone who can fill those holes for you. Every musician comes to Music Licensing from a different starting point, and with their own set of challenges. Our course puts all the pieces together so you can make a plan at overcoming your personal set of challenges, and that includes becoming more computer and studio savvy.

Q: Do I need to worry about competition?

A: No, and here’s why: for starters, what you bring to the table is unique. Your unique musical voice can’t be duplicated. Second, there are SO many opportunities available and such a W-I-D-E range of musical needs and styles to fulfill. You don’t have to worry about competition any more than you have to worry about competition in say… dating. That being said, you do have to push and work hard. Starting any endeavor takes time and patience. You need to find your groove and maintain… and add a good level of perseverance and “stick-tuitiveness.”

We’re here to support you all along the way, and we truly mean that. You’ll see for yourself, once you start digging into the program and the facebook community

Q: Is the program ever updated?

A: Yes, we’ll be adding in modules as needed, and updating any information to reflect current trends or important new concepts and ideas you need to be aware of.

Q: Can’t I just find this information online in some “how to” videos?

A: While there is information about music licensing online, none of it goes as deep or as wide as we do, in this program. And here’s why:

Craig & I have “master levels” of experience, success and wisdom in our respective fields. I’ve made over 10,000 placements in almost every media in existence since 1996. I’ve won numerous awards and accolades in the Music Licensing Business and I know the business like the back of my hand. Craig has provided sales, marketing and communication consulting to over 300 clients in more than 110 different industries during this same time period. He’s authored a book on sales, marketing and copywriting. He’s also published a monthly paid-for subscription newsletter for 10 years, which was read in over 30 countries. His communication and sales & marketing skills are extremely strong – he’s spent a TON of time “sharpening his axe,” so to speak

Number two.. our program contains very specific and detailed instruction across a wide variety of topics within music licensing. We go deep and wide in every topic that’s discussed. We wanted to create a comprehensive course that can pertain to musicians, songwriters and composers of every style and genre of music. Most people simply don’t have the time or experience to put up videos like this. And frankly, why would they? No one “gives away” this level of expertise for free. If you’re unsure of that, ask for free services from your doctor, lawyer, accountant, roofer or anyone else who’s worked hard to develop a particular skill set and the specialized knowledge that goes along with it.

In fact, “valuing yourself” as a musician is a topic we discuss in the program.

Number three, You can ask follow up questions to Craig and I, and other members of the facebook group, to supplement and enhance your ability to create, present, and market your licensable music. It’s a huge asset to have live feedback in “real time,” when you need it the most!

Lastly, there is no reason anyone who has been successful in music licensing would want to give you an education for free – on any internet platform. One thing most successful experts have in common is that they all value their time, over almost everything else

Q: Will my monthly membership dues for the facebook group increase when your program prices increase?

A: No. Whatever the membership rates are when you first join, you will be locked into this rate for life, unless you leave the group and then return later. In that case, you’ll be charged the current rate for membership, and then you’ll stay locked into that rate for life – again, unless you leave and come back.

Q: What if I don’t like the program?

A: The program comes with a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee, so you have absolutely no risk or obligation at all, if you’re dissatisfied.